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55% Pinot Gris
          -- Vitae Spring Vineyard
45% Riesling
          -- Rojas-Martinez Vineyard

91 Cases Produced
12% alc. by vol
3.39 pH | 6.6 g/L Titratable Acidity

Currently Sold Out

2021 Aria

The inspiration for the Aria blend, much like the Syzygy blend, was to discover unique expressions of contrasting elements. The Willamette Valley has become an excellent region for growing Pinot Gris, one of my favorite wines. Many local producers have also demonstrated that Riesling thrives in the cooler vineyards here.

These two grape varieties express themselves very differently. Riesling offers an exuberant aromatic profile with an untamed character, while Pinot Gris is more restrained and pure. In the Aria blend, these qualities are fused together, and this pushes the boundaries by creating novel and dynamic expressions for both varietals.

Label artwork created by Wyatt Grant (IG @wygrant)

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