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My relationship with wine began while attending Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, where I became increasingly aware of wine and its unique connection to the Willamette Valley.

After working in a vineyard the summer before my senior year, my interests were piqued about building a career in the wine industry in this area. 


Doing a pump-over on the Syzygy Red Blend


A Pinot Noir cluster that partially mutated into Pinot Blanc

This resonated with my childhood years in southeastern Iowa which were strongly influenced by my family’s Christmas tree farm and furniture store dating back to 1900.
After graduating in 2007, it was time to find a job to pay the bills, so I found a spot on a cellar crew for the 2008 harvest at a winery in Dundee. During harvest, I was trained on how to properly do cellar work by the experienced and knowledgeable cellar masters and winemakers. 

After the HARVEST ENDED, I WAS HOOKED. In the slow months following, I continued learning about wine through studying enology and viticulture.

I turned to great resources in the local libraries, Chemeketa Community College, and the winemakers, vineyard growers, and wine gurus that I came across. ​
Over 15 years and 17 harvests later, I’ve had numerous opportunities to gain valuable insight into the winemaking process. I continue to be fascinated by the metamorphosis of grapes becoming wine through the process of fermentation.

Moon in my glass

Sunset glows with the moon rising over the trees


Bottling Day. Here's the crew working on the 2018 Rose.

Staying close to the slow-developing nature of making wine from grape to glass has solidified my conviction in what wine is and can be.

After making wine for other people for so many years, I finally started my own label and made a wine of my own. In 2018, I was able to buy grapes to make Rose from Vitae Springs Vineyard in the South Salem Hills. With the new releases from 2021, I am proud to share my craft and hope you enjoy my wines.

It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to observe connections between the anecdotes of the winemakers with the theories of the chemists and scientists.

       - Jared Pierce, Owner & Winemaker


There's no time like the harvest season.

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